School in dispute over '˜strict' uniform rules

Furious parents have hit out at Louth's Cordeaux Academy after a '˜strict' new uniform policy resulted in pupils being placed into isolation.

Cordeaux Academy
Cordeaux Academy

The Academy, which is now run by the Tollbar Multi Academy Trust, reportedly placed a number of children into isolation during the first few days of the new academic year - a move that some parents have described as ‘excessive, unnecessary, and counter-productive’.

Some of the ‘offences’ have included incorrectly coloured socks, trousers which are too tight and haircuts which are too short.

One pupil even alleged the school threatened him with isolation for wearing a D-Day remembrance wrist band.

However, the Tollbar Multi Academy Trust - which provided parents with a five page list of uniform rules during the summer - has refused to discuss the details of individual cases.

One concerned mother told the Leader that her daughter was threatened with isolation as her trousers were too tight - which she said was ‘unavoidable’ due to her daughter’s height.

The mother said: “I explained the situation to the head teacher who is still insisting that my daughter changes her trousers and is threatening her with isolation. But under no circumstances do I want my daughter going into isolation.

“It’s never been an issue before as girls used to be allowed to wear skirts and tights, but they’re not allowed to wear them anymore.

“If the school want her to have a different pair of new trousers then they can take her shopping themselves!”

Dozens of parents complained on social media, suggesting that the strict rules made the school ‘sound like a prison’.

However, some parents contacted the Leader to say they were ‘positive’ about the changes, saying the school’s uniform policy is a symbol of equality and respect.

Martin Brown, deputy chief executive of the Trust and the Executive Principal of Louth Academy, said: “At the present time, Cordeaux is in transition from one Academy Trust to another.

“In light of this, during the first few days of the new autumn term, there have been some issues with regard to the correct uniform policy.

“Tollbar Multi Academy Trust would, therefore, advise that all parents refer to the new Louth Academy website, which clearly states the uniform policy.”

“Should parents have any further questions with regard to the policy then please contact a member of our pastoral staff at the academy, who will be more than happy to advise them.

“We would also like to make it clear that whilst the Academy has been addressing some issues with uniform this week, no students have been sent home as a result of this.”