Schoolgirl prevents house fire spreading

A YOUNG Kiveton girl has been commended for her quick thinking which helped prevent a fire spreading in her home.

Giorgia Hansel-Hides had been taught in school by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (SYFR) about the importance of closing doors in the home to prevent a fire spreading.

The seven-year-old’s careful actions following the visit meant that when a fire started in her home, caused by a candle left burning in the lounge, her bedroom was the only room not to suffer from significant smoke damage.

Giorgia was presented with a certificate from SYFR and South Yorkshire Police’ community safety departments at a presentation at the Lifewise centre in Hellaby for her fire safety awareness.

Her mum Andrea said: “We are very proud of Giorgia. After the school visit by SYFR, she was full of enthusiasm for what she had learnt and put that into practice in the home.”

“I would certainly encourage parents to take precautionary messages on board because this sort of thing really can happen to anyone. If Giorgia had not made sure her bedroom door was closed that day, the damage to our home could have been much worse.”

Diane Malpass of SYFR’s community safety department, said: “Giorgia’s actions demonstrate how important it is to educate people in precautions that they can take in the home to prevent fires starting or spreading.”