Skegness and Boston MP welcomes Brexit assurances on seasonal workers

Matt Warman MP has sought assurances from the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, David Davis MP, that migration will not be managed in a way which is damaging to the economy.

Skegness and Boston MP Matt Warman. ANL-170311-070943001

In yesterday’s Exiting the European Union Questions in the Commons, highlighting a recent event in Parliament to celebrate Lincolnshire’s food sector, Matt said, “One question our fine producers asked was about their wish to have access to labour continue as free movement ends. Can the Secretary of State reassure those great businesses that he will continue to work with the Home Office to make sure that some version of a seasonal agricultural workers scheme continues as free movement ends?”

In response, David Davis assured Matt that the Migration Advisory Committee is considering this matter, and that “taking back control of migration does not mean a sudden stop on migration or migration being managed in such a way that damages the economy.” The previous Seasonal Agricultural Workers scheme ensured only those with a confirmed job were able to reside temporarily in Britain and required them to return home when their visa expired.

Later in the day senior government aides, including Matt, also met with Brexit Ministers, to put forward the case for a strong Brexit which works in the best interests of Britain, and to express their views on the Withdrawal Bill, which comes to Parliament in the next few weeks.

Afterwards Matt commented, “I want to get the best possible Brexit for Boston and Skegness, and assurances that our food producers will be able to access the workers they need, when they need them, are very welcome indeed, as are the assurances that in that process we will definitely be taking back control of our migration policy. We need a sensible system which works in our benefit and helps to boost the economy, and I will certainly continue to push for this as we move forward with Brexit.”