Sleaford Town Awards 2018 - Overcoming adversity and medical professional awards

The time is drawing near when our judging panel will meet to select the winners of this year's Sleaford Town Awards categories for 2018.
Martin Bussey at Sleaford Ambulance Station. EMN-180417-120414001Martin Bussey at Sleaford Ambulance Station. EMN-180417-120414001
Martin Bussey at Sleaford Ambulance Station. EMN-180417-120414001

The awards ceremony, run by the Town Council and the Sleaford Standard, will be held at the Town Hall on May 3 for winners and invited guests.

Here we reflect on the remaining nominees.

The Mitchell family have been put forward for the Overcoming Adversity Award.

Dr Elton Pardoe. EMN-180417-120431001Dr Elton Pardoe. EMN-180417-120431001
Dr Elton Pardoe. EMN-180417-120431001

Their daughter Ivy has DiGeorge’s syndrome, a rare genetic disorder which includes heart and breathing difficulties. Ivy has already undergone two major heart operations. She is now in Year 1 at William Alvey School and is described as “an absolute star”.

Ivy is supported by her whole family. Mum and Dad are also trying to set up a new British Heart Foundation fundraising group in Sleaford as featured in the Standard.

○ One of our new award categories this year is Medical Practitioner of the Year.

One nominee is Martin Bussey, a Clinical Operations Manager for the South of Lincolnshire based at Sleaford Ambulance Station.

Ivy Mitchell and family. EMN-180420-175730001Ivy Mitchell and family. EMN-180420-175730001
Ivy Mitchell and family. EMN-180420-175730001

Martin has worked for the ambulance service for over 30 years in a range of roles, working his way up from Patient Transport Services, to the frontline and then within a management position.

It is said that Martin goes ‘above and beyond’ in his role, with patient care and staff welfare at the top of his priorities. After stressful or traumatic jobs, Martin always provides a listening ear for staff to talk to, often working lengthy hours to ensure staff welfare. He is said to ‘live and breathe’ East Midlands Ambulance Service values of teamwork, contribution, respect, integrity and competence.

Being a paramedic, Martin always ensures his patients receive the best possible care to the highest standard.

○ Dr Elton Pardoe, 46, has been a GP at Sleaford Medical Group for the last eight years and a doctor for over 20.

Dr Elton Pardoe. EMN-180417-120431001Dr Elton Pardoe. EMN-180417-120431001
Dr Elton Pardoe. EMN-180417-120431001

He is described as the type of doctor who listens to his patients and makes them feel like they are the most important patient he has seen that day. He has supported patients throughout serious health issues.

He said it is a pleasure to serve the people of the town and district: “It is something I enjoy despite the recent difficulties as a practice.”

Prior to being a doctor he was a navigator in the Royal navy before retraining.

He said: “The job has become a lot harder in recent years, with less people wanting to come into general practice, but it continues to reward me and give great pleasure.”