Sleaford Town Awards - Sleafordian of the Year nominee - Winifred Sibley

Put forward for our coveted Sleafordian of the Year award is Winifred Sibley.

Winifred Sibley.
Winifred Sibley.

Now retired, Mrs Sibley has lived in the town for 63 years and during that time she is said to have supported the community in many caring ways.

In support of mental health, for well over 25 years she was a hospital volunteer, member and secretary of the League of Friends of Rauceby Hospital. Personally she ensured patients received wrapped Christmas gifts each year.

In support of the wider community she has been a good neighbour, inviting those that are lonely in for meals, some stopping over as house guests.

Mrs Sibley’s working life was long and busy as head teacher of Dorrington School. Her common sense and humour is said to have been appreciated and respected by parents and children alike.

In support of music in Sleaford and surrounding villages, she was a popular church organist. A former chorister, she made new sets of choir robes, arranged organists’ coach trips to Holland, France and Germany to view famous cathedral organs, hosting return visits too through the Lincolnshire Organists’ Association.

She baked, hosted parties, arranged concerts in Silk Willoughby church for fundraising activities and organ restoration, and was still playing for services there (having taken over the role from her late husband Eric) until she was 91, when she finally retired last year due to ill health.