'Slow down' plea after 'terrifying near miss' for horse and rider in Hundleby

A ‘terrifying’ moment when a horse was spooked during a riding lesson on a notorious road in Hundleby has left the owner of the local equestrian centre asking if someone has to die before motorists slow down.

The problem of speeding motorists through Hundleby continues - according to the local equestrian centre.
The problem of speeding motorists through Hundleby continues - according to the local equestrian centre.

Speeding through the village is an ongoing problem and in spite of efforts by the Parish Council and Lincolnshire County Council, residents say the 30 mph limit is regularly ignored.

However, the recent incident has left the Equestrian Cantre’s owner Sian Lovatt fearing for the safety of her riders and her business.

"We had ridden out of our lane into Spilsby Road when we we approached by a lorry that was speeding,” recalled Sian. ongoing

"The horse of the rider I was accompanying was spooked and for a split second I couldn’t see them and didn’t know if they were under a wheel or safe – it was terrifying.”.

Our newspaper last visited the problem a year ago as Lincolnshire Police launched a road safety campaign issuing advice to motorists about the correct way to pass horses..

However, in spite of efforts of the local councils to encourage drivers to slow down, Sian says it has become too dangerous to take riders hacking on the main road.

"I appreciate the efforts of the councils to improve the situation,” said Sian. “So far we have been lucky to have not had a terrible accident.

"What if one day we aren’t lucky? Is it going to take a child, an animal, or an adult to be killed on these roads before something is appropriately done?

“ I’m realistic in my approach as to many motorists horse riders are a nuisance. But as a centre we advocate and enforce the rule of wearing high viz.

"Our riders are taught to ride safely on the roads and to say ‘thank you’ to other road users when they slow down and give us enough space when passing.

“Is the issue that drivers aren’t taught to correctly pass animals such as horses on roads during driver training? I don’t even feel safe walking my dog through Hundleby on some of the narrow paths.”

Hundleby Parish Council says it has been concerned for many years about speeding issues in the village. A spokesperson said: “The Council has purchased 30mph speed signs and bin stickers to help remind drivers of the speed limit.

"Lincolnshire County Council has recently installed 'horse' warning signs and the Parish Council purchased a speed Indication device, which is moved between three locations in the village.

"It is hoped that a traffic survey will be undertaken shortly and a Speed Watch group formed to help reduce speed through the village..

"Parish Councillors were recently advised that an idea to extend the 30mph zone out of the village, to include Raithby Hill, could not happen as it did not meet the criteria of the County Councils’ Speed Limit Policy.

A spokespersonn from LCC said: concerns about speeding motorists should go straight to the police. “If it’s felt that more measures could be introduced to the area to stop speeding, residents are strongly advised to go to their local councillor r who will take their concerns to the relevant officers to see what can be done.”