Soldiers’ letters from home

Youngsters from a Worksop school have been busy writing letters to send to soldiers in Afghanistan.

The letters were the idea of eight-year-old Olivia Young whose 18-year-old brother Charlie is out there serving with the RAF regiment.

Olivia, a pupil at St John’s Primary School, decided to write the letters because she said Charlie ‘misses home and gets lonely when he is away’.

In their letters the pupils wrote that they hoped he was safe and asked questions like whether it is really hot, what it’s like to shoot a gun and what it’s like in a helicopter.

And the letter really do provide a boost for soldiers when they are so far away from home.

“Its great hearing news and things that are going at home its also a big morale booster when I receive a letter from any one at home, family or friend,” said Charlie.

“And I see this with the other lads when they receive from long term girlfriends, wives, family and their friends.”