SONIC BOOM PICTURE: Lincolnshire's Typhoon jets captured on camera going supersonic in amazing photo

This stunning picture shows the dramatic moment two RAF Coninsgby Typhoon jets which shook Doncaster with a massive sonic boom intercepted a French airliner.

The two Typhoon jets and the stricken airliner can be seen in the upper left of this amazing photo. (Photo: Paul Cummings).

Photographer Paul Cummings took the amazing photograph in the skies over last night, Monday May 2, shortly after the two aircraft were scrambled from RAF Coningsby to escort the Air France flight into Newcastle Airport after it diverted off course over the North Sea and lost radio contact.

Paul took the photograph - which he believes shows the jets escorting the aircraft - while out hoping to spot the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis.