Soulful singer Emily who grew up near Louth releases her own mini album

A soaring soulful singer who grew up in Little Carlton near Louth is presenting her musical talents to the world following the release of her own mini album.

Emily (stage name Farrah Joy's) EP The Overdraft is now available to purchase on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

Emily Farrar,24, known to most under her stage name of Farrah Joy recently released her own EP (extended play), ‘The Overdraft’ - her own autobiographical songs which she hopes other young people like herself can relate to.

The now Brighton-based artist credits her love of singing to Louth and the amazing experiences she gained growing up in the area.

Emily, who describes her sounds as being ‘smoky street-soul with soaring vocals’, told the Leader: “I was always a keen performer and joined Louth Playgoers when I was eight and appeared in many of their productions.

“I was also really grateful for the musical training I received being part of St James’ Church choir where I worked on my vocals a lot with Frederick Goodwin.

“Louth is a great little town and I always love coming back. Without my experience with Louth Playgoers and the choir, I don’t think I would be where I am now. So I must thank them for helping me start the amazing journey I am on.”

When Emily, who specialises in jazz and blues music, left university, she got a wonderful opportunity to sing on an American cruise ship which toured the world.

Emily added: “Getting the job on the cruise ship was amazing and it really helped me focus on my love of jazz music. But after four months of touring the world, I decided to come back and get myself established as an artist.”

Emily then really got to grips with her music and sent in a couple of her songs to BBC Introducing, which she said were extremely well received.

It was at this point, Emily was working on her EP which came out at the end of March.

“The EP is autobiographical and was my own little way of saying, this is what I am about, this is my reality. Everyone goes through tough times with money, getting into an overdraft and this is where my title ‘The Overdraft’ came from. If I reach out to just one person through my music, then I’m happy,” Emily said.

Emily also has regular work singing in London with her band Take Four. They are currently working up to going on tour at the end of the year and will hopefully include Louth in their list of dates.

So watch out for Farrah Joy near you, soon.