South Reston '˜drug driver' banned from the roads

A South Reston man who drove with almost twice the legal limit of cannabis in his body after celebrating a friend's birthday, has been banned from driving for a year.
Court newsCourt news
Court news

Nick Allen, 30, of Main Road, admitted driving with 3.7 microgrammes of cannabis per litre of blood, exceeding the legal limit of two, when he appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (April 19).

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said police stopped Allen in his car at 7.40pm on January 9 in Queen Street, Louth, and smelt cannabis on him.

He gave a positive test and was arrested, she said.

In mitigation, Solly Baig said Allen had been to see a friend on his birthday and had taken some cannabis.

He said it had been a hard lesson for Allen who now could not take up a job he wanted as he needed to be able to drive, although he had been able to get 
another job.

Allen was banned from driving for a year and was fined £260 with £115 in costs and charges.

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