South Yorkshire: Mum’s heartbreak as yobs trash memorial of tragic teen Josh Tyler

A heartbroken mum who lost her son in a road smash in Swallownest has slammed those who damaged a memorial to him.

Trees planted in memory of 16-year-old Josh Tyler have been ripped up by vandals.

The trees had been planted just days after the funeral of Josh, of Hepworth Drive, last month.

Josh was killed after a collision with a car as he rode home on his moped along Mansfield Road, Swallownest on Friday 17th April.

Barry Pritchard Funeral Services, of Worksop Road, Swallownest, agreed to plant the trees after hundreds lined the streets for the popular teenager’s funeral.

Posting on social media, Josh’s mum, Julie Henley-Smith said: “It just feels like we couldn’t protect you seven weeks ago and now feeling we need to protect your memory plots because of pure evil.”

“Whoever it is, they should be hanging their heads in shame.”

“You didn’t deserve to be taken from us and you don’t deserve to have your memory plots destroyed either.”

“I’m so sorry Joshy, you can’t even have a tree without anyone wanting to take it from you.”

Staff at the funeral service found leaves and branches ‘thrown all over the car park’ when they came arrived at work on Thursday.

Grayson Radcliffe is the service manager at Barry Pritchard Funeral Services.

The 55-year-old said: “This was our way of paying tribute to a young man who tragically lost his life in such awful circumstances.”

“To find the trees like I did that morning made me angry and disgusted that somebody would do this.”

“It’s just mindless vandalism. We’re all saddened by the ordeal.”

Residents in Swallownest and Aston have also condemned the vandalism.

Posting on social media, Theresa Edwards Lingwood said: “Disgusting behaviour. I am so sorry this has happened.”