SPALDING SHOOTING REACTION: '˜It's terrible, horrendous'

Residents have spoken of their shock after this morning's news of a triple shooting in the town.

Emergency services at the scene near Castle Swimming Pool in Spalding, after three people including a suspected gunman have been shot dead. Chris Radburn/PA Wire POLICE_Spalding_121332.JPG

Mum Jemma Prescott (30), said: “I have not long finished work and just came into town to hear people talking about a shooting. It makes you think. Spalding has completely changed. I have a four year old son and I’m not sure I want him growing up here.”

Ann Hare (66) said: “My daughter just rang me to say ‘you’re not going up town are you mum?’ and she said ‘don’t.’ I had to come in to pick up a presciption. Things do seem to have got worse here.”

Leeann Kilbon (42) said: “It’s terrible, horrendous. You worry about your children. I saw an update on Facebook and you don’t bear thinking about it. You don’t expect this in your town. It makes you go cold.”

Her friend Amy Purvis (36) added: “I had to ring my daughter up at her secondary school to make sure she was okay.”