Special delivery! Proud dad delivers his baby daughter at Utterby roadside

A heroic husband has single-handedly delivered his baby daughter after his wife began to give birth at the roadside in Utterby last week.

Proud parents Sarah and Jamie with baby Perrie.

Jamie Galey, 32, was driving his wife Sarah, 28, to Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby after she went into labour at their home in Grimoldby last Monday evening (February 26).

He was dramatically called into action when it became clear the baby was not going to wait much longer.

Sarah said: “The traffic was busy and while we driving on the A16 at Utterby I just felt I had to push.

Perrie Elizabeth Galey was born at the side of the road in Utterby.

“Jamie pulled over onto Church Lane and called 999 and the operator stayed on the line and told him what to do.

“I was on the front seat of our car so it wasn’t easy and Jamie had to make do with what we had available.

“He even had to use a shoelace to cut the cord!

“Thankfully, the baby came out head first. There could have been complications if not, so we were quite lucky.

Perrie Elizabeth Galey was born at the side of the road in Utterby.

“It’s all quite scary looking back on it now, but it didn’t seem it at the time - and Jamie was very calm!”

Kind-hearted Church Lane resident, Rebecca Burton, and her friend Wendy Mamwell took towels and blankets to the car and offered their assistance to the couple after they realised what was happening.

The healthy baby girl - named Perrie Elizabeth Galey - was born at 6.21pm weighing 8lbs 13oz, less than half an hour after Jamie’s emergency phone call began.

Paramedics arrived shortly afterwards and checked that everything was okay, before whisking Sarah and Perrie to hospital where they stayed overnight.

By Tuesday afternoon, the family were all back home - narrowly missing the start of last week’s heavy snowfall.

Baby Perrie is now settling into her home life alongside her siblings, Charlie (8) and Jessica (5), and she will soon be paying Rebecca Burton another visit to say hello and thank you - along with some new towels.

Sarah is full of praise for the hospital staff, the 999 call operator, and - most of all - her husband.

She added: “Jamie did really well. He’s been enjoying the praise for delivering our baby.

“I still can’t believe it actually happened!”