Special rates for Lincolnshire tour guides at National Tour Guiding Conference

Nottinghamshire based Tour Guide, Robin Hood @EzekialBone, is set to speak at their National Tour Guiding Conference in London next month - and there are special discounted tickets on offer for Lincolnshire tour guides.


The conference will be held at Drapers Hall, a unique, historic venue in the City of London on Friday, November 9.

It follows on from the success of Tour England by the US Connections Project, which saw Lonely Planet writer Fionn Davenport visit Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire to experience the remarkable Anglo-American connections that they hold.

This event is sponsored by Blue and Green Badge Tourist Guides.

The conference will equip tour guides, destinations and tour operators with tips on providing ‘bookable’ tours that are accessible to international audiences, as well as facilitating a myriad of networking opportunities for all types of tour guides, attractions and other tourism businesses.

Lyn Hughes, Managing Director of Wanderlust is the key note speaker.

Ade Andrews, @EzekialBone provides a range of guided tours including the Robin Hood Town Tour in Nottingham.

The costumed tours have earnt Ade the top spot on TripAdvisor for tours in Nottinghamshire.

Amanda Lumley, Executive Director for Destination Plymouth and DEF US Connections Project Director, said: “We are delighted to be inviting Ade Andrews, to join us at the National Tour Guiding Conference where he will share his remarkable story of @EzekialBone and secrets to his work as a truly unique and award winning tour guide.

“We hope that his insight will both educate and inspire other likeminded tour guides across the UK.”

‘US Connections’ is a large-scale collaboration between 13 destinations led by Destination Plymouth that will provide new and immersive touring experiences that bring the real England to life.

Themed and destination itineraries will connect culture, history and heritage and offer unique experiences for half, full day and fully themed tours of England.

For tickets, please visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-national-tour-guiding-conference-2018-tickets-47509668698?ref=enivtefor001

Then simply enter password: tourguide1.