Speed camera locations across the Humber region

Safer Road Humber has announced the speed camera locations across the region for the remainder of the month.


Safer Road Humber plan to operate mobile safety cameras at these locations on these dates, weather permitting. However this is the minimum speed enforcement undertaken and officers can visit any of the partnership’s other sites, on any day of the week including evenings and weekends.

The partnership can enforce at any location along a safety camera route.

Friday June 19 - A18 Barton Street South (between B1203 Ashby Top roundabout and county boundary)

Monday June 22 - A46 Clee Road, Cleethorpes

Tuesday June 23 - A180 Great Coates junction

Wednesday June 24 - College Road, East Halton

Thursday June 25 - Louth Road, Grimsby

Friday June 26 - A18 Barton Street North (between A46 Laceby roundabout and Beelsby junction)

Monday June 29 - Luneberg Way, Scunthorpe

Tuesday June 30 - Rowland Road, Scunthorpe

Wednesday July 1 - Moorwell Road, Yaddlethorpe

Thursday July 2 - Cromwell Road, Grimsby

Friday July 3 - Ashby Road, Scunthorpe