Support for Greater Lincolnshire devolution - but mixed views on Mayor

The results of the consultation on a Mayoral Combined Authority for Greater Lincolnshire have now been published - showing broad support for devolution, but mixed opinions on whether an elected mayor should be put in place.

Overall, residents were generally positive (59 per cent) about the powers and responsibilities that councils in the area are pursuing from the government,

However, on the question of the elected mayor, only 47 per cent of people agreed or strongly agreed with the proposal - with 49 per cent disagreeing or strongly disagreeing.

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Residents were even less positive about the possibility of combining the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) role with that of an elected mayor - 38 per cent agreed with the idea, while 56 per cent disagreed.

In total 4,432 completed surveys were received during the consultation period.

Councillor Peter Bedford, Chair of the Greater Lincolnshire Leadership Board, said: “I’d like to thank everyone in Greater Lincolnshire who took part in the consultation and I’m pleased they are generally supportive of what we are trying to achieve.

“By working together and making more decisions locally, we want to encourage economic growth and improve infrastructure across the whole area.

“We will be writing to government to get a clear understanding of what the new administration’s aspirations are for devolution and where they stand on the requirement for an elected mayor.”