Suspended prison sentence for Louth man (23) who breached Sex Offenders Register requirements

A Louth man on the Sex Offenders' Register, stayed for four nights where there was a young child even though he was banned from doing so without telling police under the terms of his licence, a court has been told.

Court news

Wayne Bryson, 23, of Harveys Lane, admitted failing to notify police that he stayed at the address in Louth at various times between January 1 and July 5 this year, and also failing to notify them of his new debit card details within three days of receiving it, both of which he was required to do under the terms of the Sexual Offenders Register.

Prosecuting, Jim Clare said Bryson was placed on the Register for seven years in March 2014 after a conviction for a sexual offence and had been reminded several times of the requirements he had to meet.

He said that in September last year, he told police he had lost his wallet and did not have a debit card and he was advised that when he had a new one he had to tell them the details of the new card.

Mr Clare said the new card was issued in November 2016 but he did not notify the police.

He said Bryson admitted this when he was interviewed and also said he had stayed at the address with the young child on four occasions.

Mitigating, Lisa Elkington said Bryson had stayed at the address on four occasions between May 4 and June 23 this year.

She said he had been given the all clear by Social Services to stay there and he assumed that meant it was alright for him to do so, but he was mistaken, she added.

She added he had simply forgotten to tell the police about his new card.

Sentencing him to 10 weeks custody suspended for a year, the magistrates said that in their view it was a ‘deliberate failure’.

They also ordered him to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work for the community.