Suspended sentence for nuisance woman who made over 800 emergency calls in one year

A Worksop nuisance caller has been handed a suspended sentence and two-year Antisocial Behaviour Order after clocking up over 800 calls to emergency services in just 12 months – costing the taxpayer around £30,000.

Between 7th June 2013 and 27th June 2014, Nottinghamshire Police found evidence of 835 calls, being made to emergency services either from or relating to Emma Wardropper, 24, from Foxglove Close, Worksop.

Many of the calls expressed a concern for her welfare. However, Wardropper would refuse to disclose her location, resulting in large-scale searches for her involving a number of officers.

On one occasion, officers from Nottinghamshire Police obtained CCTV from a shop following a call to emergency services which showed Wardropper hiding at the back of the store as police drove by looking for her.

Other calls suggested she had taken an overdose but, after being located and taken to hospital, blood results confirmed that was not the case.

Wardropper appeared at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Monday 12th January, where she was sentenced for wasting police time, malicious communications and for assaulting an officer while being arrested.

She pleaded guilty to each offence and was sentenced to a total of 18 weeks in custody, suspended for 18 months. She was ordered to pay £100 compensation to the officer she assaulted and was handed a two-year Antisocial Behaviour Order to address her behaviour.

The order was obtained following a 12-month investigation by officers as part of Operation Kinetic – an operation to deal with problematic and persistent offenders in the Bassetlaw area.

Neighbourhood policing sergeant for Worksop, Adrian Scargill, said: “Wardropper is well-known to emergency services and, after concerns were raised about more recent behaviour, our officers worked to establish just how big a problem she had become.”

“We soon found her behaviour had become a significant nuisance to officers and healthcare providers alike and we believe her behaviour may have cost the taxpayer in the region of £30,000.”

“Obviously that is too much for our emergency services to bear, which is why we’re so pleased with another success for Operation Kinetic as our officers look at alternative ways of dealing with the most persistent offenders in our community.”

The Antisocial Behaviour Order will restrict Wardropper from calling NHS Direct or the emergency services unless in a genuine emergency.

She will be prohibited from entering the grounds of Bassetlaw District General Hospital unless in an emergency or when attending a pre-arranged appointment, being admitted as a patient herself or is visiting a named patient there.

Other conditions of the order will prevent her from causing distress or alarm to any patient, staff or visitor at Nottingham’s Queens Medical Centre, Mansfield’s Kings Mill Hospital and Bassetlaw District General Hospital at Worksop.

Wardropper will also be barred from entering Network Rail property or land unless she is using public transport or possesses or is attempting to purchase a valid ticket to travel.

Any breach could lead to a further fine or Wardropper being sent to prison for up to five years.