Sutton-cum-Lound: Wildlife Trust criticises DART Energy and anti-fracking protestors and tells both to leave Daneshill Forest alone for the wildlife

Notts Wildlife Trust has criticised both DART Energy and anti-fracking protestors over recent events at Daneshill Forest near Sutton-cum-Lound.
Notts Wildlife Trust wants Daneshill Forest left alone for the wildlifeNotts Wildlife Trust wants Daneshill Forest left alone for the wildlife
Notts Wildlife Trust wants Daneshill Forest left alone for the wildlife

The Trust has criticised DART for wanting to drill for coal samples and the anti-fracking groups for wanting to set up a protest camp at the site.

Erin McDaid, head of communications, said they were concerned that both courses of action were likely to have a detrimental effect on the natural habitats of the wildlife there.

And she says both groups should just leave the site alone for the wildlife.

“Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust believes that all energy mineral extraction, including fracking, has the potential to cause direct or indirect impacts on wildlife, through habitat loss, pollution, water usage and the effects of noise and vibration,” he said.

“Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust therefore strongly believes that any applications for the extraction of energy minerals should be accompanied by rigorous environmental impact assessment underpinned by accurate survey and research, in order that any adverse effects can be properly identified.”

“Any impacts on wildlife should be first avoided, and where this may not be possible, mitigated or ecologically compensated.”

“If this cannot be achieved to a satisfactory level that would ensure net gain in biodiversity, then the application should be refused.”

Turning to the proposed protest camp by anti-fracking groups, Mr McDaid continued: “Whilst understanding and sharing some of the concerns of those who have been protesting at Daneshill Forest, we feel that this is not an appropriate site for the focus of any protest.”

“We are keen to talk directly to protesters and local residents about their concerns relating to threats to wildlife in the area.”

“But we believe that a protest camp on the nature reserve itself is inappropriate and will potentially cause damage and disturbance to wildlife.”