Sutton on Sea biker wants to ride on Mablethorpe beach again after accident left him fighting for his life

A Sutton on Sea man is determined to ride a motorbike again on Mablethorpe beach, where a sandracing accident three years ago left him fighting for his life.

Nigel recovering in hospital in 2015.

Nigel Limb (53) admits his whole life changed on December 27, 2015, when he suffered a serious head injury during an event, which also left him partially sighted.

Mr Limb was in hospital for several weeks and doctors even told his wife, Julie, that he might die. But he has battled back and started riding again this month.

Now, in an exclusive interview, he has revealed he wants to return to the beach.

Nigel Limb got back on a motorbike at a speedway track in Scunthorpe this month.

He told the Leader: “I love motorbikes - they have been my whole life - and I always enjoyed riding on the beach in Mablethorpe during the annual sandracing meets.

“I still don’t really know much about my accident and what happened - but I do know the life I loved so much had been taken from me.”

Mr Limb spent months recovering from his injuries.

He added that it was one of the ‘darkest times of his life’, and admits there were times when he wanted to give up.

Mr Limb said: “Everything at that time was going against me and Julie told me the doctors thought I wasn’t going to pull through.

“There were times I wanted to give up, but I was determined not to.”

Mr Limb spent 15 years as a motorbike mechanic. He also enjoyed taking professional photographs of the sandracing at Mablethorpe - as well as racing himself.

Mr Limb explained that, because he was so well known in the motorcycling circuit, friends always said they would help, if he ever wanted to get back on a bike.

“It has never really felt like the right time, until recently.

“At the beginning of October, I was offered the opportunity to ride a few laps around the speedway track.”

Mr Limb stressed he had the support of his wife , which he says was vital.

He explained: “I did six laps around the track and it felt absolutely amazing.

“For a second, it was like I had my old life back again.

“I do admit, I was sitting in the pits on my bike saying to myself, ‘Nigel... what are you doing getting back on a bike?’

“Then I went around the track and I felt no fear.

“There’s no real words to describe how it felt.”

Mr Limb wants to go one better and get back on a bike and ride on Mablethorpe beach - but he realises his racing days are over.

He admits he will be afraid to get back on the bike in the location of the crash and explains it may not be something he wants to do, but rather something he needs to do.

He said: “I am hoping I will be able to get on a bike and ride on the beach - not just for me but to raise the profile for the sandracing club and the Air Ambulance who helped me during my accident.

“This is my plan. Now, I am waiting to see if it is possible.”