Sutton teen chosen for meeting at No.10

A Sutton on Sea teenager was one of four youngsters from across the UK chosen to attend a meeting to discuss environmental issues at No 10. Downing Street.

Jordan Havell, (16) was only one of four young people chosen in the UK to attend a meeting recently at No.10 Downing Street.

Jordan Havell (16) was the youngest candidate chosen by The Marine Conservation Society alongside three other young people to travel down to London late last month for a meeting with former MP, Sir John Randall.

Sir John is currently PM Theresa May’s special advisor on the environment, and set up the meeting with the four after receiving the recommendations from the conservation society.

Jordan expressed his delight after attending the meeting.

He said: “I felt very honoured to have the honour to meet Sir John Randall at No 10. Downing Street to discuss environmental issues.”

Jordan received the phone call around two weeks before the meeting from the conservation society confirming his selection, which followed up with an email confirming the time and place from Sir John himself.

“I was really gob-smacked at the time and it was something I wasn’t expecting at all”, Jordan said.

The meeting was held in ‘Margaret Thatcher’s office’ and Jordan said that during the meeting, which he added lasted for around an hour, brought up specific issues on marine protection zones, marine litter and the blue belt.

He added: “I really felt that he listened to our concerns on the day and he told us all to keep in touch with him on environmental tasks we undertake, so this is something I very much look forward to doing.”

But the day didn’t end there. Jordan and his mum Lianne Havell, also received a personal tour of No 10.

Jordan added that Theresa May was in the room next door during his own meeting, but sadly didn’t see anything of her as she was giving a speech at the time, but he said that didn’t take anything 
away from the amazing experience of the day.

“We didn’t even know we were getting a tour, so that put the icing on the cake for the day’s activities,” Jordan said.

“It was a really nice early Christmas present as we got to spend the day and night in London, so it was great to go into Harrods and see some of historic sights of the city I 
had not seen before.”

Jordan said they he didn’t know what else could happen that would top this experience, and said that it was definitely one of the biggest highlights of his life so far.

Maybe next year we’ll see Jordan have tea with the Queen... Watch this space!