Team Knockout’s final four decided

Super League leaders Shodfriars 20 hosted Premier League table toppers Cons 6 in a classic encounter as the Acorn Taxis Boston Snooker League turned its attention to the Team Knockout quarter-finals.

Tom Hill (owe 42) started proceedings for Shods against Matt Povey (R10), Hill’s superior safety and crisp potting easily defeating Povey for a 62-point lead.

Carl Rowe (owe 42) battled against Chris Spencer (owe 14), Spencer managing to reduce the deficit from 62 points to 10 with a hard-fought win.

Joe Welch (owe 38) managed to extend Shods’s lead to 16 points as he beat Sam Hill (owe 10) by the smallest of margins.

Darren Christian (owe 42) and Ben Wrigglesworth (owe 17) faced off in the last game, Shods coming away the victors and reaching the semis thanks to Darren knocking in a superb 50 break to settle the tie.

Final score: Shod 20 587 Cons 6 536.

Super League Dons 1 comfortably saw off the challenge of Division One’s BSC 12.

Craig Fitter (owe 42) defeated Laurence Brown and gave Dons a 45-point lead.

Stuart Atkin (owe 28) extended that lead to 136 points as he beat Graham Day (owe 4) by 91 points.

Graham Cripsey (owe 42) put his side 189 points up with a 53-point win against Simon Wood (owe 7) while Sean Swinburn (owe 32) extended the lead further as he beat Alan Laws (R7) by 84 points.

Final score: BSC 12 462 Dons 1 735.

Super League BSC 20 advanced to the semis with a hard-fought win over Premier League side BSC 10.

Jamie Turner (owe 35) gave BSC 20 a 30-point lead after defeating Mario Richards (owe 7).

Steve Mooney (owe 24) extended 20’s lead to 64 points after a tough win over Dan Burt (owe 28).

Luis Hoyles (owe 24) made the lead 76 points going in to the last match as he just edged past Carl Baily (owe 14) by 12 points.

Danny Newton (owe 14) then secured the win for BSC 20 against Nick Hanson (owe 10), the match conceded in the last frame as the deficit was too great to recover.

Final Score (after third match): BSC 10 335 BSC 20 411.

Super League BSC 2 defeated bottom-of-Division-Two BSC 18 to progress to the semi-finals.

Grant Marshall (owe 24) defeated Graham Sharp (R10) to give BSC 2 a 34-point advantage.

G. Charlton (owe 14) extended the lead to 72 points after he beat Jamie Barnes (R10) by 38 points.

Pete Grooby made the lead 74 points with a two-point victory over Jimmy Birthwhistle (R10).

Stuart Whitaker (owe 21) sealed the victory for BSC 2 with a comfortable win over Andy Bird(R14).

Final score: BSC 18 465 BSC 2 565.

Breaks: T. Hill 42, D. Christian 50, J. Turner 42, S. Mooney 36, 32.