Teenager Holly urges people to attend climate strike in Horncastle

A 13-year-old environmental campaigner from Horncastle has urged people of all ages to attend the latest Youth Strike protest in the town’s Market Place this Friday (January 17).

Holly Pavey, a pupil at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, has emerged as an influential and respected figure.

She recently spoke at a town council meeting as councillors voted to declare a ‘climate emergency’ and adopt a green agenda.

Holly has warned the world is under threat from climate change.

Ahead of Friday’s meeting, she said: “In Australia, ordinary people are having to battle wildfires, children are wearing gas masks in their own homes, thousands were evacuated to a beach on New Year’s Eve.

“More than 20 human lives and over one billion animal lives have been lost.

“Here in Lincolnshire, we have recently suffered because of the floods.

“Mostly on agricultural land, these floods will very likely affect this year’s harvest.

“This is what a climate emergency looks like.

“This will become the norm in the near future if we don’t all act now to limit temperature rises to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels.”

Friday’s protest will take place between 11am and 2pm.

Holly added: ”People of all ages will be welcome.

“Bring banners or placards telling our Government to act before it is too late.”

• Anyone of school-age intending to take part on Friday must obtain permission from parents to strike.