Tetney mum praises LIVES for saving her son's life

A Tetney mother has shared her emotional memories of her son's near death experience, after a LIVES responder helped to save his life.


In a video released on the LIVES website on Friday, Dawn Jones shared the story of how her 25-year-old son, Max, nearly died after collapsing at the family home last September.

After the collapse, Dawn called 999 and LIVES responder Chris Cole was first on scene, and preformed life saving procedures.

Dawn said: “This man, without question, saved our son’s life.

“The nearest NHS ambulance was in the Market Rasen area, and even on a ‘red call’ took approximately 40 minutes to arrive in Tetney.

“It is certain if LIVES didn’t exist our son would not be here today.

“It was after that terrible day that we found out that the paramedic that attended was doing the role as a volunteer, on his day off working for the LIVES charity.”

During the traumatic experience, Dawn assisted Chris by using a bag valve mask resuscitator, and was breathing for Max for 20 minutes.

On reflection, Chris Cole said: “Max’s incident is why I respond. To help people in my community who need that specialist help, to buy those few minutes before the ambulance arrives, and to try and make a difference day or night, 365 days a year.”

On Friday, Dawn hosted the LIVES Matter Ball at The Humber Royal in Grimsby to raise funds for the charity, so they can continue to deliver life saving treatment.