The Conservation Volunteers are helping bring more woodland to West Lindsey

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) have been active recently at a number of sites across West Lindsey planting trees to create future woodlands.

Mark Hutchinson of Western Power Distribution (centre) plants a tree with volunteers Jonathan Roy and Tracy Brundell

Recent planting sites have included creating a border at Jubilee Wood in Sturton by Stow and 100 trees were planted at Trent Port, Marton.

Species planted included Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Guelder Rose, Goat Willow, Crab Apple, Birch, Rowan, Alder, Willow and Cherry.

Upcoming projects over the next month will see further planting at Mercer Wood and Theaker Avenue Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in Gainsborough.

Funding for the tree planting projects has been provided courtesy of Western Power Distribution’s keen to be green initiative, which will see more than 600 trees planted in West Lindsey this season.

TCV West Lindsey Project Officer, Darren Nortcliffe, said: “These projects make a real difference.

“While growing, and on maturity these trees will provide habitat for wildlife and reduce carbon in the atmosphere for many years to come and also provide local residents with an area that they can be proud of.

“The funding to plant these trees was kindly provided by Western Power Distribution, as part of their keen to be green initiative.

“At Mercer Wood and Theaker Avenue LNR in Gainsborough 100 new hedgerow trees will be planted at each site and at Mercer Wood we have created a pocket park and installed 500 metre’s of new surfacing through the woodland along with steps and a surfaced slope to improve access.

“We also carry out maintenance tasks at Pitt Hills Woodland in Gainsborough keeping the pathways accessible and cut Thonock Meadow on an annual basis to promote the growth of wildflowers.

“New volunteers are always welcome.”