The facts about the proposed wind farm

Plans for a wind farm at Sturton-Le-Steeple which would turn the landscape ‘into a scene from The War Of The Worlds’ have been rejected.

EDF Energy wanted to building nine wind turbines on land at Maumhill, which is surround by several villages - Sturton-Le-Steeple, North and South Leverton, Clarborough and North and South Weatley.

It was standing room only at the packed meeting of Bassetlaw Council planning committee last week as dozens of residents came to show their opposition to the plans.

In a poll of the surrounding villages, 90 per cent of people opposed the plans which would have see nine turbines, each 115 metres high, built.

The council received 163 letters of objection from local resident, several of which spoke at the meeting.

Coun Helena Downing, who spoke on behalf of North and South Wheatley Parish Council, said the wind farm would be an ‘disproportionate intrusion’ on the landscape and would have an ‘inescapable and looming’ presence. She added that it would threaten the perception of rural identity.

John Blackwell, from the Wheatley Energy Forum, said the area already had the Cottam and West Burton power stations , and urged councillors to reject the plans because ‘our back yard is full.’

Loss of argricultural land and possible harm to widllife were also among the objections.

Bosses at Robin Hood Airport also opposed to the plans, stating that safe operation at the airport would be ‘seriously’ compromised’ due to the interference with the primary surveillance radar.

A report to councillors by council planning officer Mandy Freeman, which recommended refusal, said that homes in South Wheatley and Sturton-Le-Steeple would have power generation facilities on all sides if the wind farm was built.

She added that the nature of the proposal meant ti would be visible in the landscape and have a ‘significant impact’ on its character.’

During the debate by councillors, Coun Annette Simpson said granting permission would make the area a ‘film makers dream for a remake of The War Of The Worlds.’

Coun Barry Bowles said a recent report said a recent report found that the carbon product used in building the turbines, exceeds all the the suggested savings that the turbines produce.

Coun Graham Oxby said: “If this was to be granted what would be next? Simply because there are two power stations in close proximity that doesn’t persuade me that we should enforce something else on the horizon.”

Councillors unanimously voted to reject the application.

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