The future's bright for innovative South Willingham company

A budding entrepreneur who started out in his parents' garage in South Willingham has launched a new gadget which he hopes will inspire a new generation of smart lighting products.

The Adaptalux Glow can be used as a night light for reading and can change colour.
The Adaptalux Glow can be used as a night light for reading and can change colour.

Adaptalux is an innovative lighting company which has released plans for a new item which uses smart sensing technology to automatically switch between flashlight, lamp, and lantern modes.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched, giving people the chance to pledge money towards the project.

Since launching yesterday evening (Tuesday) at 6pm, the Kickstarter campaign has already raised almost £6,000, with more than 70 individual backers.

The Adaptalux Glow can seamlessly change between a flashlight and a light depending on how it is being used.

It has been designed to be a light that adapts to the user, with an array of setting and innovative features.

The company hopes this new product will be its next big success after three previous Kickstarter campaigns.

Its most notable Kickstarter campaign was the Adaptalux Studio - which raised more than £107,000 in 2015.

Adaptalux founder and product designer, Samuel Granger, said: “We have been working on the Glow for a long time now, and we are incredibly excited to launch such an innovative lighting product to the market.

“We have built upon the skills and lessons learnt over the last four years and integrated them fully into the Glow.

“We have high hopes that this product will inspire a new generation of smart lighting products that are truly unique to individuals”.

Marketing director Ben Tuxworth, from Louth, added: “We have created an amazing product of which we can all be proud.

“With the support of our backers and loyal customers, we have the opportunity to offer people the same enjoyment that it brings us, in the form of a beautiful and incredibly useful item that folks will be proud to have in their homes.”

Key features of the Adaptalux Glow include smart sensing technology, nine easy modes to select, a wireless charging stand, magnetic head, colour changing LEDs, variable brightness, and weatherproof.

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