The play’s the thing!

PRODUCING a play was all in a day’s work for pupils at Charles Baines Primary School in Gainsborough when they teamed up with Trent Valley Academy.

Primary pupils teamed up with secondary students for the special ‘Play In A Day’ event which saw them star in an Olympic-themed play.

Charles Baines Primary School headteacher Nigel Walter said the project was quite different to a normal school production and provided pupils with a great opportunity.

“It was very different from the normal play of learning lines and songs - much of it was improvised, so it was great for them to try a new way of working,” he said.

“The children really enjoyed it and the benefit of it was they were working in their own school but with older pupils from TVA where they may be moving to after Year 6.”

After TVA students explained the broad concept of the Play In A Day production to the pupils, they all got to work to put the final masterpice together for parents and teachers. Mr Walter said pupils were encouraged to work both independently and in groups and praised them for producing a great show. “The secondary school brought with them a range of musical equipment they wouldn’t normally be able to access and they really enjoyed it,” he said.

“I was pleased to see them produce a really quality piece of work and my thanks go to everyone involved for making the day such a success.”