‘The stress is making me more ill’

A disabled Worksop man has accused A1 Housing of age discrimination over a six-month row to find suitable housing for his needs.

Larwood Avenue Worksop
Larwood Avenue Worksop

Paul Staerck has epilepsy and two brain tumours and frequently has seizures, but says he cannot bid on suitable council properties - despite medical advice urging he is re-homed.

The 51-year-old, of Gateford Road, is now appealing to be classed as a ‘Band A’ resident - meaning he can apply for specially-adapted properties normally open to people over 60 only.

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He said it’s essential he lives no more than 20 minutes from Bassetlaw Hospital becauseof his seizures and that he’s allowed to keep his beloved dog Max in his new home.

“I think this is disgusting. I have written medical evidence saying I urgently need re-homing, yet because I am not 60 I can’t apply,” he said.

“It’s like my disability and needs don’t come into it - it’s age discrimination.”

Mr Staerck added that his dog Max is more than a companion to him and pleaded with the council to allow him to bid on properties where pets are allowed.

“If he goes, I go. He is the reason I get up in the morning and I don’t know how I will cope if I don’t have him. He has alerted the neighbours when I have a seizure - I wouldn’t be without him,” he said.