Theft of four pet monkeys

FOUR monkeys have been stolen from a house in Clowne – as the RSPCA calls for a ban on keeping primates as pets.

Police were called to the property on Church Street after the homeowners reported the marmoset monkeys had been taken from a shed in the garden, between 5pm on 27th June and 5am on 28th June.

The two adults and two six-week-old babies had been advertised for sale.

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said keeping primates as pets is something they are very concerned about.

She added: “We are actively campaigning to raise awareness about how difficult they are to look after in a household environment.”

“They are often sold over the internet to people who have no idea about the specialised needs they may have, such as being kept with other primates of their kind, getting access to sunlight, special vitamins, and outdoor areas.”

There is an estimated 3,000 primates being kept as pets in the UK. Commonly kept species such as marmosets, which cost around £900, and tamarins do not require a licence under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act.

A bill is going through parliament at the moment calling for a ban on trade and ownership of primates.

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