'˜They're making life a misery': Louth resident's plea over '˜exhaust popping'

A Kidgate resident with a heart condition is pleading for rowdy motorists - with big exhausts and no silencers - to stop making life '˜unbearable' for people living in her street.

The motorbikes and cars approach from Aswell Street (right) and then turn right down Kidgate, towards Upgate.

The resident said that frequent ‘exhaust popping’ at all hours of the day has made life miserable for her and others living in Kidgate - and she is particularly worried as she has a heart condition which could be aggravated by the sudden loud bangs.

The resident said: “Motorbikes and cars without silencers, and with big exhausts, race past my house regularly.

“They ‘pop’ their exhausts and it can be at any time of the day. The other night it was still going on at 1am.

“There’s a few of them who do it, and they use our stretch of Kidgate as part of their circuit.

“They come up Aswell Street, down Kidgate past the back of Wetherspoons, and out towards Upgate.

“It is really loud. You can’t even hear your own television over the noise they make.

“It has been going on ever since I moved in here (over a year ago) and it has made life unbearable.

“It is unnecessary and it is disturbing people in their own homes. It’s happening virtually every other night.”

Town and district councillor Ros Jackson said: “I have every sympathy with residents affected by noise from speeding traffic.

“It constitutes antisocial behaviour and possibly dangerous driving, so I would urge all residents to report this to the police on 101 with information about when and where this is taking place.

“Those responsible should think harder about the distress they’re causing whilst showing off their lack of basic car maintenance skills.”

Police inspector John Webster, from Louth, said: “We have stopped and spoken to a number of drivers and riders in the area.

“We have checked some scooters and have not found any that fall outside of the legislation regarding any exhaust adaptions.

“All of our local officers are aware of the reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB) and are actively patrolling the areas in order to deter and prevent similar driving happening.

“I ask that anybody affected by this, record details and descriptions and call our control room at the time it is happening.

“We will do everything we can to identify and locate the drivers and riders and where necessary, with persistent offenders, utilise suitable powers to prevent further ASB. We have powers under the Road Traffic Act and will use them where it is necessary.

“We also aim to educate those who undertake this activity, often they do not understand, how their behaviour affects others.”