THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The eleventh commandment -don’t touch that frog!

It occurred to me that God must have been having a bad day when he created the Amazonian Tree Frog and loaded it with enough toxicity to kill up to 13 men, just by touching it.

The poison is absorbed through the skin and you become paralysed and then dead very soon after contact.

No wonder the native tribes used to rub their darts on the frogs back, it helped them shoot monkeys out of the trees.

Anyway, let’s get to the heart of this matter and ask the question - why would God create a frog like this?

There are lots of little frogs all around the world but they are not all poisonous, especially the ones that princesses are likely to kiss.

So God didn’t give them the poison because he thought all frogs were special and needed to be protected from mankind.

And if he did create the frogs to be deadly why didn’t he warn mankind about it?

How many people wandering through the jungle saw a bright yellow frog and thought, ‘that’s pretty’, picked it up and dropped dead?

How simple would it have been to have an 11th Commandment - Thou Shalt Not Touch The Yellow Frog!

There is no logical explanation as to why a creative force would add a poisonous frog to the tree of life in the same way that we cannot reason why the world needs so many deadly parasites, viruses and insects.

There are people who firmly believe that the creation as described in the Bible is literal, but as someone who does not believe in what was once described as ‘the pleasant poetry of Genesis’, evolution offers us an answer.

No creator, no plan, just life and then death, (especially if you insist on disobeying the 11th Commandment.)

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