Thousands of illegal cigarettes seized from Gainsborough shops

A joint operation between Lincolnshire Trading Standards and Lincolnshire Police has led to the discovery and seizure of thousands of illegal cigarettes.
Thousands of illegal cigarettes have been seizedThousands of illegal cigarettes have been seized
Thousands of illegal cigarettes have been seized

Officers from both teams worked together to uncover more than 7,000 illegal cigarettes and almost 200 packets of hand rolling tobacco at two stores in Gainsborough.

The illegal products were found at GB Foods and Polish Deli’both in Trinity Street.

Counterfeit and illicit brands such as Pect, West Silver, Mayfair, Richmond and Regal were found hidden under the counters, alongside a new brand, EastEnders tobacco, which hadn’t been seen before in Lincolnshire.

Molly, the tobacco detection dog from Wagtail UK also assisted in the investigation.

Joanne Hocking, senior trading standards officer, said: “This week, officers from Trading Standards were able to uncover a significant amount of illegal cigarettes and tobacco in the raids on two shops in Gainsborough.

“Working together with Lincolnshire Police and Wagtails UK, we can make sure that retailers don’t get away with selling these illegal items.

“Many of these items could be potentially dangerous which may harm those that smoke them.

“If you’re suspicious, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

Investigations are ongoing.

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