Thousands show support for petition

Energy company EDF has dropped a £5m lawsuit against a group of activists who occupied the West Burton plant last year.
Protest at West Burton Power Station  (w121029-1a)Protest at West Burton Power Station  (w121029-1a)
Protest at West Burton Power Station (w121029-1a)

The 21 activists, from the No Dash for Gas campaign group, occupied the site of the EDF-owned gas-fired power plant for over a week in October 2012.

This week EDF said it dropped the civil action with the protestors, which it called a ‘fair’ and ‘reasonable’ solution.

“Following an offer we received from the protesters’ lawyers to settle the civil case, EDF Energy has been working to agree a compromise agreement acceptable to both parties,” said an EDF spokesman.

“The protesters, who have all pleaded guilty in court to aggravated trespass, have agreed in principle to accept a permanent injunction which prevents them from entering multiple sites operated by EDF Energy.”

“As a result of this, EDF Energy is dropping its claim for civil damages against them and believes that this is a fair and reasonable solution.”

The spokesman added: “The protestors are right to highlight that the challenge of keeping the lights on in Britain represents one of the most important issues facing the country. We will continue to engage with a wide range of stakeholders and individuals to explain our role in meeting the country’s future energy needs,” he said.

We strongly support renewable energy and have outlined plans for further investment in wind farms over the coming years. But to keep the lights on in Britain, a mixture of energy sources is needed to provide reliable low carbon energy.”

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