Thurcroft: Mum still in hospital eight months after yobs pelted her horse with stones

A Thurcroft mum has been left unable to walk, speak, eat or drink after falling from her horse when yobs pelted it with stones.

Lindsey Broomhead, 29, was riding along a track in Wickersley when her Gypsy Cob cross, Murphy, was hit with stones - causing it to rear up in panic as the teenage culprits fled.

Rider Lindsey, a mum-of-two, has been in hospital for eight months since the attack last May after suffering brain injuries and a stroke.

The yobs responsible have not been caught.

Lindsey’s mum, Val, 59, said it was a ‘needless and senseless prank’ and those responsible should face justice.

“The police have been brilliant and so helpful, but these people are still out there and know what they did,” she added.

“This has devastated us and I just wish they could see the effect their dreadful prank has had.”

She said she visits Lindsey once, if not twice a day, to keep her spirits up.

“Lindsey is making small steps, but she will never be able to have physical involvement with her kids again.”

“Even if they go on holiday she will be unable to play on the beach or chase them about. She will have to sit aside and watch instead. It really is devastating for all of us and our lives have changed so much.”

“Lindsey can give the kids a cuddle, which is comforting to them. But she can’t eat or drink without a tube. She can’t swallow after having a stroke three days after the fall, and she can’t walk either. Part of the cerebellum at the back of her brain has had to be removed which affects her balance and co-ordination.”

“The only way she can communicate with us is through typing on an iPad or alphabet board. It was strange getting used to it at first but it’s been eight months now and life goes on. We’re all adjusting to it but it is so sad to see her like this.”

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