Thurcroft: Pupils take centre stage at Academy’s Year Six graduation day

Thurcroft Junior Academy held a Year Six graduation last week for students leaving the school this summer.

Year six pupils at Thurcroft Junior Academy enter the hall for their school graduation. Picture: Marie Caley

The event took place at the start of the month and a buffet was provided afterwards for the children, staff and parents.

All the students where presented with a diploma in front of their parents whilst wearing the traditional university style cap and gown.

Special awards were also presented to those who excelled in a particular subject or had exceeded the school’s expectations.

One child said the graduation was “out of this world” while another said they had “really enjoyed it and thought it was a great day.”

Rebecca Scutt, one of the events organisers said “the event was very successful.” “All the parents and children left feeling very proud of their achievements.”

“Even though this is the first time the graduation has happened at Thurcroft, it was highly successful and will be repeated for years to come.”

“It was a good send off for the children.”