Tickhill: Police find number of insecure vehicles

South Yorkshire Police are reminding people to ensure their cars are locked after they found seven insecure vehicles in Tickhill.


Officers checked more than 100 vehicles during two hours in the town and found five vehicles parked on driveways on the same road weren’t locked.

All the owners were informed, except one who couldn’t be roused and so a card was left and the central locking system activated by the officers to secure the car.

In a nearby street, two vehicles were found insecure, one of which had a sat nav on show. Police informed the owner, who was very grateful of the news and crime prevention advice.

Superintendent Eddie Murphy, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “People need to ensure their vehicles are locked. Drivers are too ready to press a button on a key and just walk away without double-checking that the vehicle is locked and that there is nothing on display to tempt would-be thieves.”

South Yorkshire Police launched Operation Lockdown in October to combat vehicle crime and house burglary. So far more than 700 people have been arrested.