Time to say farewell

A DEDICATED dinner lady has said goodbye to the school she served for 40 years, after dishing up nearly 12 MILLION puddings.

Maureen Marrow, 73, retired from her post at Valley following four faithful decades of service at a school she lovingly refers to as her ‘second home’.

After taking up a friend’s offer for a job as a kitchen assistant at the secondary school on Valley Road in 1972, Maureen has worn many hats over the years.

She was made an assistant cook, before being promoted to cook and then assistant cook for a second time during a period which has seen four headmasters come and go.

And although she admits there have been times over the years when her patience has been tested, Maureen maintains the majority of pupils were a delight to be with.

“95 per cent of them are good kids,” she said.

“You do get a few who are a bit naughty, but it wasn’t too much of a problem - probably because I used to do all the puddings.”

“They used to love chocolate puddings but my favourite was, and still is, steamed jam roly-poly and custard.”

Friends, pupils and colleagues threw Maureen, of Holmhurst Road in Worksop, a special party in her honour on Thursday 29th March.

She served her last dish at Valley a day later.

“I have loved every minute of it, right from the start,” she said.

“The ladies I have worked with over the years have been great. We got on well and are more than colleagues, we’ve become friends.”

The grandmother-of-three says she will miss her role at the school but is looking forward to retirement.

“It’s time,” she added. “It was time to retire and I want to spend more time with my husband and family.”

A keen line dancer, Maureen enjoys going to the Manton Club on a weekly basis.

She also hopes retirement will give her the opportunity to do more walking, swimming and shopping.

Outwood Academy Valley Principal Rob Tarn said Maureen will be greatly missed by everyone.

“Regardless of the generations that have passed through, or the many changes that have been made over her 40 years of service, she has always put students first,” he said.

“We wish Maureen all the best for the future and we hope she enjoys a long and happy retirement.”