Tory Louth and Horncastle candidate vows to help secure a bumper Brexit

Victoria Atkins has vowed to help Prime Minister Theresa May secure the best possible Brexit deal for Britain - if she retains the Louth and Horncastle seat in next month's General Election.
Victoria Atkins.Victoria Atkins.
Victoria Atkins.

Ms Atkins has been installed as an odds-on favourite in the election on June 8 with the seat rated as one the safest in the entire country for the Tories by many analysts.

Ms Atkins told the News: “It has been my privilege and pleasure to represent Louth and Horncastle in Parliament since 2015.

“If re-elected, I will continue to work hard for constituents on the issues that matter.

“My priorities will be to help Theresa May make a success of Brexit; to continue to fight for local health and social care; and to continue my campaigns for better broadband, good schools, improved infrastructure; flood defences and protecting our rural, agricultural and coastal interests.

Brexit is likely to dominate parliamentary business after the election.

Initially, Ms Atkins campaigned to stay in the EU but added: “In 2015, I pledged to vote for an EU Referendum and to honour the result.

“I support Theresa May in securing the best possible Brexit deal for the benefit of families and businesses in the constituency and will continue to raise local priorities in Parliament.”

Ms Atkins went on to say she had already raised a number of local issues in Parlimanet and would continue that process.

She explained: “I have taken our concerns about health and social care to the highest levels of government, including the need for 
lower GP waiting times, a faster ambulance service 
and quality care for the elderly.

“Louth Hospital is vital in providing much-needed services in our large rural and coastal area.

“I will do everything I can to ensure that it continues to thrive.

“(My) promises made - and kept - since 2015 include my ‘Broadband Summit’ at which it was announced that thousands more premises will receive superfast broadband; my Jobs 
and Apprenticeships Fair which showcased local businesses and two Flood Forums to get answers for residents.

“I will continue to speak up for our local area and to champion all that makes us proud.”