Town centre committee invites residents to view progress

The council committee which oversees the town centre wards is set to display its achievements at a meeting next Wednesday, and is inviting residents to come along to find out more.
Boston Borough Council offices.Boston Borough Council offices.
Boston Borough Council offices.

Boston Town Area Committee Chairman Nigel Welton, will be making a presentation, aided by Powerpoint images, on the areas the committee has been involved with, funded and supported, from 6.30pm on April 25.

Initiatives over the past couple of years include increasing maintenance manpower in response to concerns over cleanliness and tidyness, improving and upgrading play sites, free entertainment and events including beach days and Christmas Lights.

Boston Town Area Committee has power and duty to carry out certain services and functions which have been passed to it from Boston Borough Council and is funded by it sets a precept called a Special Area Expense Account (SAEA), which is paid along with council tax.

The committee supports initiatives that have a direct benefit and positive impact on Boston’s town centre neighbourhoods and communities.

It aims to work in partnership with people ‘to deliver the council’s overall priorities to secure better services for less money and share opportunities and responsibilities’

BTAC also maintains open spaces, play areas, allotments, benches and other facilities and services within its boundaries.

The Committee also acts as a consultee on major initiatives, projects and developments affecting the town area and considers applications for planning permission and other consents and related matters.

The committee also allocates Community Grant awards to town-based organisations and events.