'˜Tramp Buster' deletes cruel videos which taunted vulnerable people in Louth

A motorist who filmed himself verbally abusing homeless and vulnerable people in Louth has deleted his foul-mouthed videos from YouTube following reports that the police were '˜looking into' the situation.

The YouTube videos have since been deleted.
The YouTube videos have since been deleted.

The anonymous ‘Tramp Buster’ account included over a dozen videos - some recorded as recently as Monday - in which the motorist accused an elderly man of sex offences, and mocked a vulnerable man for apparently eating discarded Greggs snacks from a bin.

The videos were promptly deleted from YouTube after the account made national headlines yesterday morning (Thursday).

Yesterday afternoon, Lincolnshire Police said that they had been ‘looking into’ whether any offences had been committed in the videos before they were all deleted. No formal investigation has been launched.

A police spokesman added: “There have been no complaints from anyone with regard to this, and offences such as harassment and public order do need a complainant to be an offence.”

After one new video was uploaded to the account yesterday evening, the police spokesman added: “There are no offences identified in this particular video but they (the local policing team) can monitor it to see what else may get uploaded.”