A15 near Sleaford blocked as car bursts into flames after collision

A car burst into flames after being involved in a collision on the A15 between Leasingham and Holdingham on Saturday morning.

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The crash happened between a red 4x4 and a blue small Vauxhall Corsa van at about 9.10am.

A fire crew from Sleaford put out the fire which started in the engine compartment of one of the vehicles caused by the crash.

There are not thought to have been any serious injuries but it partially blocked the road and caused serious traffic congestion near the Holdingham roundabout and traffic had to be diverted.

○ Later on Saturday night there was another vehicle fire reported nearby on Roxholme Road, Leasingham.

This was reported at 9.20pm and a fire crew from Sleaford attended, but this turned out to be a false alarm caused by dust from an airbag mistaken for smoke.

The crew made the damaged vehicle safe.