All-new traffic signals for Mablethorpe High Street

The traffic signals on Mablethorpe high street are being replaced with a new system which will reduce the carbon footprint of the town, Lincolnshire County Council have said.
The Mablethorpe High St and Victoria Rd junction. Photo: Google MapsThe Mablethorpe High St and Victoria Rd junction. Photo: Google Maps
The Mablethorpe High St and Victoria Rd junction. Photo: Google Maps

The traffic signals that serve the High Street / Victoria Road junction are being replaced with an extra low voltage system that will reduce the carbon footprint of the set-up and cost less to run.

The current set of lights at the site have reached the end of their operational life, and the county council is taking the opportunity to replace the ageing equipment and provide new Puffin-type crossing for all arms of the junction.

The works are programmed to begin on Monday November 14, with a scheduled end date of Friday December 23, although this may be extended due to unforeseen circumstances.

A part-road closure will be required for the road resurfacing on the High Street between Victoria Road and Fitzwilliam Street, with a diversion route via Quebec Road, Golf Road, Alford Road and High Street.

There is also a chance that a five-day-long full-road closure along Victoria Road could be required for the project if there’s found to be substantial damage to the drainage ducts in the road itself.

The decision on this potential closure will be made by experts who will be able to assess the need once excavation work starts on site around the second week of December.

If there is found to be the need for this closure then traffic here will be sent along the diversion route along Seaholme Road, George Street, High Street and vice versa.

Karen Cassar, assistant director of Highways said: “It is great news that we can change this set of lights for more modern equipment that uses less power and helps to further reduce our carbon footprint.

“It’s also very welcome that we can do make this change for Mablethorpe along this well-used route.

“We have to wait until we have a section of Victoria Road dug up before we will know if the drainage ducts need attention. It makes a lot of sense to incorporate that work into what we’re doing during this programme of works, if possible.

“While all the works are ongoing, we will try our best to minimise disruption wherever we can. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone affected by this upgrade for their patience whilst we go about the project.”

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