County councillor backing calls for town bypass

Horncastle County Councillor Bill Aron has thrown his weight behind plans for a town bypass as part of a multi-million pound scheme to develop a Coastal Highway.
Councillor says new bypass would help take HGV's away from town centre.Councillor says new bypass would help take HGV's away from town centre.
Councillor says new bypass would help take HGV's away from town centre.

The ambitious scheme - led by the County Council - would lead to a major upgrade of the A158 from Lincoln to Skegness.

Supporters say the project would bring millions of pounds into the East Lindsey economy and attract major investment, leading to new jobs and new homes.

The county council recently held four meetings at key locations along the route - Horncastle, Wragby, Lincoln and Skegness.

Only invited individuals and organisations were allowed to attend - including Coun Aron.

He said: “It was an excellent meeting and well facilitated .

“ We were asked to consider all aspects of the route from Lincoln to Skegness.

“I was determined to ensure that the problems Horncastle encounters with the congestion on the A158 were highlighted - and the ever increasing A153 (Boston Road) traffic, including the Bull Ring pinch points, and HGVs.

“I also pointed out our Industrial Estate keeps expanding and is one of the busiest in the district, and the need to divert this traffic away from the town centre.

“I was pleased that cycle routes and walkways were also being considered.”

Coun Aron’s comments come as more than 80 per cent of people questioned in a News survey backed a bypass.

Town resident Andrew Neal is one of the longest serving campaigners for a new road.

He said: “I am pleased that it is still a ‘live’ project although in my opinion, it ismoving too slowly.

“It is critical that LCC decides on the route for the Horncastle and Wragby bypasses and secures the land immediately.

“If they do not act now it will either require a longer route at greater cost, or be too expensive all together

“I am also concerned that if they do not make representation to the government now they will ‘miss the boat’ on some of the millions set aside for such programmes.”