‘Dangerous’ and deep potholes dotted along Sleaford town centre street finally to be repaired after months of complaints by motorists

Motorists and cyclists in Sleaford are fuming that a badly potholed town centre street in Sleaford has still not been repaired, warning that it is dangerous and has already damaged a car and a bike.

Some of the bad potholes on West Banks, Sleaford. EMN-210326-171806001

Road users are particularly annoyed that the county council highways team is currently spending money on “preventative” resurfacing on roads on housing estates which they say are far less in need of work.

Reports have been going into the council via its Fix My Street app since January about numerous deep and water potholes along the length of West Banks.

These are said to be directly in the line of people’s wheels due to the numerous parked cars making it impossible to avoid.

One cyclist said he had punctured his tyre twice falling into a deep hole as he could not avoid it with traffic around him.

Another road user said he has had to repair his alloy car wheel as a result of the ‘dangerous’ holes.

Another com-plaint explained: “From (the) right turn opposite Electra Club on to West Banks, all the way down to Sainsbury’s and on to Watergate there are large deep potholes and some smaller deep ones causing issues - been there a few months now. Especially difficult to avoid on such a tight road with so many cars parked there and tight space.”

One motorists said at least one of the potholes had previously been repaired and had now reappeared. (The junction has a large volume of traffic with cars parked on one side of street, traffic in both directions has to go over the pothole. The pothole is enlarging on a daily basis. It’s dangerous. Cars are swerving to avoid it if the driver sees it as they round the corner.”

The council now says works are scheduled to take place.

Richard Fenwick, county highways manager at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “We’re aware of the reported potholes on West Banks in Sleaford and these are scheduled to be filled next week.

“I want to thank everyone for their patience as we continue working through the backlog of potholes that need filling as a result of the cold and wet winter we’ve had.

“So far this year, we’ve repaired 10,895 potholes across the whole county. And we’re currently fixing more and more now that gritting has stopped and the roads are dryer.”