Decision to shut West Street sparks concern with towns businesses and residents

Business owners and residents in the West Street area of Horncastle are keen to have discussions with Lincolnshire County Council ahead of major roadworks this summer.

The County Council has confirmed a daytime closure of West Street in August and into September as part of a three-phase programme of improvements.

Re-surfacing West Street forms phase one. Phase two involves improvements to the junction of West Street and the A158, and phase three work on Langton Hill.

The entire programme is due to start on August 13 and finish by December 7.

During phase one, West Street will be closed between 8am and 7pm, although access will be maintained for business and residents.

Phil Cantwell, owner of an award winning Thai restaurant, said he was concerned about the potential impact of the closure.

He said: “The fact the road will be open in the evening is a bonus because that’s when we’re open.

“It is a concern for some of the businesses who open during the day - and for residents.

“Everyone is waiting for more detail and what the closure will actually involve.

“The road does need repairing...if it has to be done, it has to be done.”

Mr Cantwell added he hoped access would be maintained for deliveries.

Graeme Midgley, owner of Uno’s Pizzeria and Bistro, said he also wanted more details .

He said: “We are open during the day but we don’t have a car park and most of our customers walk from the town centre. It shouldn’t have much of an impact.”

Steven Myers, who is selling his home in West Street, admitted he was worried about the potential impact of noise and dirt.

He said: “I’m not a car owner but I hope access will be maintained. The road does need work and I guess there’s not an ideal time to do it.”

The county council says it will keep disruption to a minimum and consult with residents and businesses at least six weeks before the work starts.

The closure in August will not impact on QEGS because of school holidays.