FRIDAY 11.15AM: Lincolnshire Police road closure update

Here is the latest information, as of this morning (Friday) at 11.15am, from Lincolnshire Police about road closures:

Police have noted the road situation is an 'ever-changing story'.

West area:

* A607 BBH to Fulbeck - last reported impassable

* A607 Denton - reported impassable

* B1398 Burth to Ingham – impassable

* A158 Baumber towards Wragby - re-opened

* B1225 Caistor High Street - last reported impassable

* A17 Newart to Holdingham - re-opened

* A607/A158 Ancaster to Grantham - impassable

* King Street, Baston - impassable

East area:

* A153 Cadwell Hill - impassable

* B1225 Benniworth and many other minor roads in heart of Wolds

* A16 Driby Top - last reported impassable

* A52 - now passable

* A151 Pode Hole to Pinchbeck West - now clear

* B1168 Holbeach St John - impassable

* A16 Pinchbeck to Sutterton - re-opened

* A158 Scremby - starting to drift, passable with care

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