Latest flood warnings and alerts across Lincolnshire

Twelve flood warnings and flood alerts have been issues across Lincolnshire by the Environment Agency

Among the Lincolnshire towns affected by flooding is Great Steeping..

This week has seen three months of rain fall - with the wettest day recorded in June yesterday.

FLOOD WARNINGS (Flooding expected - immediate action required)

Areas near the East and West Fen Catchwater and the Maud Foster Drain

Great Steeping and Firsby

River Bain and Haltham Beck in Haltham and Kirkby on Bain

River Steeping in Wainfleet All Saints

FLOOD ALERTS (Flooding possible - be prepared)

East and West Fens

Lincolnshire East Coast Rivers

Louth Canal and Waithe Beck

Rase and Upper Ancholme

Rea Brook and Cound Brook

River Steeping

Witham in North Kesteven

Witham in South Kesteven

Latest flood information is available at To sign up for free flood warnings call 0345 988 1188.