Plans to close part of West Street, Boston, to traffic to boost walking and cycling dropped due to lack of public support

Plans to close part of West Street, in Boston, to traffic in a bid to encourage walking and cycling in the town have been dropped after failing to gain public support.

The section of West Street that would have been closed under the plans. Library image.

In March, Lincolnshire County Council launched a consultation over the proposed closure.

It came after the Department for Transport awarded the council £799,900 to help it create more opportunities for people to choose walking and cycling for their day-to-day journeys, so-called ‘active travel’, and in turn reduce traffic congestion.

After inviting members of the public to submit their ideas, and hosting a virtual cycling summit last year, the council developed eight prospective schemes.

One of the eight was the ‘Boston east-west cycling corridor’, which involved creating a traffic-free corridor along a section of West Street by closing the road to all vehicles from the junction of James Street to Rosegarth Street. The junction of George Street and West Street would also have been be closed as part of the plans.

It was hoped the scheme would make cycling and walking across Boston easier and give traders in West Street more outdoor space.

However, in the consultation just 29 per cent of respondents supported the scheme, while 65 per cent were against it.

It was one of three schemes dropped based on public feedback – the others being in Mablethorpe and Spalding.

With money now left in the pot, the council says it plans to consult on prospective schemes in Stamford, Sutton-on-Sea and Lincoln.