Police called to assist in 65 incidents across county due to heavy rain

Lincolnshire Police have been assisting anyone at risk across the county as the number of roads being closed soar,

The scene at Great Steeping as captured by Dunk Lill.

A spokesman said they have been working with Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue, Highways and the Environment Agency as reports were received about roads and homes flooding.

The statement says: "We put signs to close Harrington Road, and the actual closure was put in place by Highways.

"We also received a call at 12.21pm, reporting flooding on the A158 at Hagworthingham.

"There have been around 65 incident so far. We have worked with Fire & Rescue, Highways and the Environment Agency, closing roads where required and providing assistance to anyone at risk.

"We would also advise drivers to keep a check on our article about road disruptions: to take care when travelling and drive to the conditions."